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What are the characteristics of PET packaging

Update:02 Jun
What are the characteristics of PET packaging
transparent cpp raw material
Because transparent containers allow customers to clearly see the contents, customers have more and more regulations on transparent containers, and transparent and transparent polypropylene CPP happens to be the key raw material to meet this requirement. CPP transparent packaging bottles and other Compared with transparent plastic epoxy resin, it is a product with high quality and low price and core competitiveness. Highly transparent polypropylene containers have very good transparency and smoothness, and are highly artistic and popular.
The same transparent PET plastic bottle has become a packaging container for daily chemical and cosmetic manufacturers. For example, some companies such as cosmetic packaging material manufacturers and well-known brands of bath milk, skin care products, daily chemical products, etc. have applied the packaging containers of PET raw materials.
PET packaging has the following characteristics:
1. The volume covers a wide range. The high-toughness and high-transparency plastic bottles produced by the Lashen injection molding process have a common volume range from a dozen mL to a 2-liter bottle.
2. Good transparency and smoothness, very good ductility, impact resistance and reliability of specifications, stable organic chemical properties, and good resistance to temper.
3, PET feels soft.
The use of in-mold labeling technology enhances the level of packaging
In-structure marking is a packaging method different from traditional marking. The key to traditional marking packaging methods are heat shrinkable film marking packaging, self-adhesive sticker packaging and immediate ink printing marking packaging. Compared with traditional marking packaging methods, in-mold packaging Advantages of labeling:
Advantages of in-mold labeling
1. It has the function of anti-counterfeiting label
2. Improve the level of tea people, and the color of the logo is more beautiful and smooth to the touch
3. The in-mold labeling product has strong applicability, low consumption, and is not easy to exceed the standard and damage. It is also moisture-proof and oil-resistant. Corrosion and abrasion resistance. Labels and products can be purchased separately, simplifying the whole process of reconstruction, etc.
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