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The Secret of Large Cosmetic Container Capacity

Update:24 May
Cosmetic container glass bottle has good chemical stability and is not easy to react with the content; good transparency, iron, cobalt, chromium and other colorants can be added to raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as amber glass, green glass, blue-white glass, Cobalt blue glass, milky white glass glass, milky white glass); good heat resistance, not easy to deform; high compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; high density, with a sense of weight (suitable for high-end cosmetic packaging); good barrier properties, good hygiene, Good preservation, good sealing, can be resealed after opening. But at the same time, glass bottles have poor impact resistance, fragile, high filling costs, and complicated molding processes, which limit the application of glass bottles. Glass bottles are often used in the packaging of high-end cosmetics or cosmetics with special requirements.
The glass bottle for liquid cosmetic packaging is a small bottle (narrow bottle), which is mainly used for packaging nail polish, nail polish, perfume and essence. The structure and shape of the glass bottle can be designed according to the needs of product packaging, which can be achieved by changing the mold during the production process. The bottle body can be directly decorated, printed or labelled. At the same time, glass bottles of different colors can be selected to meet the packaging requirements of cosmetics with different characteristics. The design of the glass bottle cap is very important, especially the design of the perfume bottle cap.
On the outer packaging of the cosmetic packaging bottle, we can see the capacity of the cosmetic packaging bottle. But in fact, in order to increase profits, some cosmetic companies have preliminary intentions on the capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles. Of course, on the one hand, the capacity is indicated on the outer packaging, but the capacity of the cosmetic packaging bottle is unqualified. For example, the bottom of some cosmetic packaging bottles is concave. Of course, the appearance of cosmetic packaging bottles is very large.
But the internal capacity is very limited. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the actual capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles. The relevant quality supervision departments should establish a strict supervision system to effectively protect the interests of consumers. The capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles should be regulated to protect the interests of consumers. In response to such images flashed in cosmetic bottle packaging, we believe that relevant standards need to be established to narrow the scope of cosmetic bottle manufacturers. At present, many companies spend money on product packaging in order to attract customers. This is a cosmetic packaging bottle. When we talk about cosmetic bottles, it's more about overpacking of cosmetic bottles. The material and appearance of cosmetic packaging bottles are too luxurious. The extravagance of cosmetic bottles is an important aspect of criticism. But there are other aspects of cosmetic bottles that need attention and preservation.