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The company holds the decisive and courageous entrepreneurial spirit, committed to the customers with perfect cosmetic compacts.

Makeup Serie

Makeup Serie

Our unique design makes the products more attractive, including the design and development of BB cushion, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and other series of cosmetics packaging materials, production.

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Pump Serie

Pump Serie

It can be used to meet the purchase requirements of different pumps’ inner diameters. It can be used for perfumes, sprays, lotions, makeup removers, and other products.

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Skincare Serie

Skincare Serie

Covering a wide range of sizes of lotions, cream bottles, vacuum bottles. We offer a variety of styles to meet different applications.

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The latest research and development of the latest style.


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Company has a number of

Company has a number of advanced production equipment and high-quality fine mist sprayers


Company has a number of advanced production equipment and high-quality technicians, to ensure the production capacity of powerful

Product diversity

Superior quality

Large production capacity

Good service

who we are

Yinhe is a famous

China cosmetic compacts manufacturers and fine mist sprayers suppliers

, which specialized for cosmetic packaging, main products include: skincare series are airless bottle, lotion bottle, cream jar etc, makeup series are lip stick container, mascara container etc, pump series are sprayer, cleansing pump, fine mist sprayers, lotion pump, oil pump etc.

This is our workshop with an area of 10,000 square meters.

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Why is cosmetic packaging an important tool for contacting consumers?

The brand concept of cosmetics packaging fully reflects the characteristics of products and directly affects consumers' desire to purchase. A powerful tool for indirect communication between cosmetic packaging and consum...

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Cosmetic packaging - added value of cosmetics

Packaging is a container that protects products during the circulation process, facilitates storage and transportation, and promotes sales. It is manufactured according to certain materials and auxiliary materials under ...

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Make-up packaging plays a carrier protection and decoration role for cosmetics

Cosmetics are applied by smearing, spraying or other similar methods, acting on the skin, hair, lips and teeth of the human body to achieve the effect of landscaping and maintaining good condition. The make-up packaging ...

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2019 personalized creative cosmetics packaging occupy a higher sales market share

Cosmetics is an indispensable fashion product for men and women in the era. It is not just a make-up, it is your attitude towards life, your self-confidence in work, and your respect for people. Cosmetic packaging materi...

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Cosmetic packaging three materials

To achieve the circulation of cosmetics and enhance the image of cosmetics In the era of global commodity economy, cosmetics is a popular fashion item. It is a microcosm of the era of pursuing beauty. Cosmetic packaging,...

read more Oct 19,2019

Cosmetic packaging is a perfect match for a product and brand

Cosmetic packaging materials are not only unique and fashionable, but also a perfect match between a product and a brand. Looking back, we can see that the concept of cosmetic packaging does not exist. In fact, skin care...

read more Oct 12,2019