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The company holds the decisive and courageous entrepreneurial spirit, committed to the customers with perfect cosmetic compacts.

Makeup Serie

Makeup Serie

Our unique design makes the products more attractive, including the design and development of BB cushion, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and other series of cosmetics packaging materials, production.

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Pump Serie

Pump Serie

It can be used to meet the purchase requirements of different pumps’ inner diameters. It can be used for perfumes, sprays, lotions, makeup removers, and other products.

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Skincare Serie

Skincare Serie

Covering a wide range of sizes of lotions, cream bottles, vacuum bottles. We offer a variety of styles to meet different applications.

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The latest research and development of the latest style.


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Company has a number of

Company has a number of advanced production equipment and high-quality fine mist sprayers


Company has a number of advanced production equipment and high-quality technicians, to ensure the production capacity of powerful

Product diversity

Superior quality

Large production capacity

Good service

who we are

Yinhe is a famous

China cosmetic compacts manufacturers and fine mist sprayers suppliers

, which specialized for cosmetic packaging, main products include: skincare series are airless bottle, lotion bottle, cream jar etc, makeup series are lip stick container, mascara container etc, pump series are sprayer, cleansing pump, fine mist sprayers, lotion pump, oil pump etc.

This is our workshop with an area of 10,000 square meters.

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How to choose a plastic bottle

Since the "plasticizer incident" was exposed, it has spread more and more, and everyone has been at risk for a while. Consumers can find out carefully that many large and small supermarkets have removed Taiwan's beverage...

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Four popular elements of bottle design

Two-sided printing extended labels If your product is a transparent liquid, packed in a transparent bottle, then there is a way to give you more packaging design space and the cost is very low. I mean you can print somet...

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Promote the development of the cosmetic packaging industry

Cosmetics in modern society is more of a fashion consumer product. Cosmetic packaging needs to be protective, functional and decorative. A good combination of these three will be a new direction for the development of co...

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How cosmetic packaging materials respond to the development trend of high-end cosmetics market

Personalized packaging will enhance the product's influence on customers. Novel packaging can also add brilliance and attractiveness to a very ordinary product. Among the high-end cosmetics in cosmetics, the individualiz...

read more Dec 28,2019

Cosmetic packaging is the development trend of the future industry

Make-up packaging is the future development trend of the industry, promoting the development of the cosmetics industry At present, in the domestic cosmetics packaging industry, there is no shortage of various cosmetics p...

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Multifunctional design of make-up cosmetics packaging materials gives more "humanity"

Compared with the “clear and clear” cosmetics packaging materials field five years ago, the current cosmetics packaging market shows a contest between foreign companies and private enterprises. In the field of cosmetics ...

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