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Yuyao Yinhe Articles Co.,Ltd is Wholesale Cream Jar Manufacturers and Cream Jar Suppliers, The company holds a decisive and courageous entrepreneurial spirit, committed to the customers with perfect products. The company has more than and 300products throughout the country and exported to theUnited States, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, and other twenty countries and regions. Products are widely used in daily chemicals, skincare, and make-up.

We have precision mold and plastic molding. The advanced equipment manufacturing leading to mold the unique method and dedicated staff, the indomitable spirit. Excellent hardware and software investment for the enterprise to realize the new leap laid a solid foundation.



YINHE ARTICLES attach great importance to the R&D of independent intellectual property rights. Supply Wholesale Cream Jar. At present, the company has obtained a number of product certifications and has won a good reputation all over the world.

A cream jar is a type of container used to hold and dispense cream-based products, such as facial creams, body lotions, and hair styling products. Cream jars are typically made of plastic or glass, and have a wide mouth and a screw-on or snap-on lid for easy access to the product. They are available in a range of sizes, from small travel-sized jars to larger jars for home use. Some cream jars are designed with a pump dispenser or a squeeze top for easy application of the product. Cream jars are typically used for products that are thicker and more viscous than lotions, and may require a scoop or spatula to remove the product from the jar.