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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PP and PC water bottles?

Update:21 Jun

1. Both PC and PP can be used as food-grade plastics. Many people say that only PP is food grade. This is a conceptual issue. Food grade refers to relevant certifications, such as FDA in the US, other EU, Japan. There are also certifications, but the FDA is the most widely applicable, so from this point of view can not prove that PP is healthier, both products are many;
2, the harm of PC comes from BPA, which is bisphenol A. This problem is well known. The harm of bisphenol A is not as big as the legend. The completed animal experiment also proves that the hazard is for developmental period, no need It is alarmist, so the pregnant and young people pay proper attention. The reason why this is because the exposure to bisphenol A is not the occasion. In addition, the dose of animal experiments is very large. The amount of bisphenol A in PC plastics is still very good. ;
3, PP is not absolutely safe, the source of suspected PP is much more harmful than the PC of the formal channel. Many PP plastic products on the market are recycled materials, the hardest hit area is straw and disposable supplies, in addition PP is in the production process. Catalysts are also used, typically containing titanium and aluminum;
4, PC performance is excellent, is an important class of engineering plastics, the ability to withstand temperature is good, there is no problem of not being able to install hot water; PP performance is generally general, but there is no problem with hot water;
5, ceramics and glass are safer than plastics. This is also based on reliable sources. Some porcelain clay or enamels contain heavy metals, and they will be separated because of the firing process. This article is not to say that plastic is good, but rather Any material is insufficient, and it cannot be generalized. The relationship between PC and PP is also the same.