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How to prevent leakage of essential oil products during transportation

Update:21 Jun

To do our cosmetics packaging materials, not only to produce products, but also to transport, this transportation is also a crucial link, how to solve the leakage problem of essential oil bottles in transit, I will tell you well here. Partner experience.
Transportation is a more important part of cosmetic packaging materials, and the most worrying thing in transportation is the damage of packaging and leakage of products. Seriously, it may be impossible to make a fortune.
Essential oil cosmetics is a common type. Regarding its anti-leakage problem, with our many years of experience, the distributor can choose from two aspects:
One: packaging during transportation: essential oil bottle + non-porous inner plug. This is the most basic protective measure, and it is best to wrap the outside of the bottle with foam to prevent damage to the bottle.
Second: product configuration: In addition to the first point, you can configure a set of drip plug according to user habits, so as to prevent leakage and user convenience, and the effect is quite remarkable.
Well, it is not a complicated matter to say it. The good partner packaging here is just a little knowledge based on the experience of many years of cosmetic packaging materials. If you have any good suggestions, don't discuss it together.