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Main classification of metal packaging containers

Update:21 Jun

l Metal barrel: a container with a larger capacity made of sheet metal
Capacity: 35L, 45L, 50L, 63L, 80L, 100L, 200L, 208L
Specifications: small open barrel, medium open barrel, bucket, shaped top barrel, full-open tapered steel barrel, full-open barrel, straight open barrel,
Open necked steel drum, etc.
Metal materials used: hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled galvanized steel sheets, aluminum sheets
l Metal cans: Smaller containers made of sheet metal (both sealed and unsealed)
Representative products: two-piece cans Round cans Aluminum beverage cans, steel beverage cans round, oval, square and many other shape cans
Empty can
Metal materials used: aluminum alloy sheet, tinned sheet steel
l Shaped cans: three cans Round cans Metal materials used in beverage cans, cans for food cans, gift cans, art cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans: tinned steel sheets, chrome-plated steel sheets
l Metal aerosol canister: a metal container consisting of a gas-tight metal casing and valves capable of withstanding a certain internal pressure
Representative products: aluminum aerosol cans with round shoulder shape, oblique shoulder shape, step shoulder shape, tinplate iron aerosol can (three pieces of aerosol can) straight body cans, neck cans, etc.
l Metal closure: A set of devices attached to a container for the purpose of holding the contents in the container and preventing it from inside.
Contaminated material
Representative products: barrel closures, spiral, compression, top pressure, closed hoop
Metal materials used: cold-rolled steel sheet, tin-plated steel sheet, chrome-plated steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet