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The use of plastic bottles for liquid cosmetics packaging

Update:07 May
Plastic bottles have a small specific gravity, are easy to color, and have strong plasticity. They can be made into bottles of various shapes, and the price is low, which is suitable for mass production. In order to increase the decorative effect of plastic bottles, in addition to bottle printing, coloring materials can also be added during production for coloring treatment to make bottles of various colors. Metal evaporation, gold plating and thermal printing methods can also be used. Surface decoration to meet the needs of different grades of packaging. Plastic bottles commonly used for packaging cosmetics mainly include polyethylene bottles (blow molding), polyvinyl chloride bottles (injection molding, stretch blow molding), polyester bottles (stretch blow molding), polystyrene bottles (injection blow molding) molding), polypropylene bottles (extrusion blow molding), etc.
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles used for liquid cosmetic packaging, usually small-mouthed bottles, mainly pack various lotions, such as toner, prickly heat water, skin firming water, moisturizing liquid, etc. Lower-end perfumes (such as cologne, also known as cologne water, the essence content is generally 2 to 5%, and the alcohol concentration is 75 to 85% or 70 to 85%) and sometimes plastic bottles (or equipped with spray devices and color printing) are also used. carton) packaging, generally the volume of the bottle is larger. Polypropylene bottles (cans) can be used for spray packaging of perfumes and essences, and plastic spray cans are also commonly used for packaging.
When packaging various lotions in plastic bottles, the bottle shape, color, transparency and various decorations used vary a lot to highlight the characteristics of the product and promote sales. For example, when using transparent plastic bottles for packaging, generally only simple line printing is carried out to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of the product to attract consumers; when using various colors of plastic bottles for packaging, generally use bottle printing or sticking labels. The way of decoration and decoration to convey the information of the product and win the favor of consumers; to carry out the design of novel bottle shapes and caps, and to match the pattern of the bottle body to express the characteristics of the product, so as to arouse the curiosity of consumers. Stimulate consumers' desire to buy; sometimes, color-printed cartons, window-opening cartons and plastic bottles are used to form sales packaging.
The use of plastic bottles for the packaging of liquid cosmetics, the container molding process is relatively simple and convenient, and it is easy to change the color and transparency of the bottle body. Various methods can be used for surface decoration, which is suitable for large-scale production, with low comprehensive cost and can be more efficient. Well meet people's needs.