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Knowledge of glass bottle packaging

Update:12 May
The glass bottle has good chemical stability and is not easy to react with the contents; the transparency is good, and iron, cobalt, chromium and other colorants can be added to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as amber glass, green glass, blue-white glass, Cobalt blue glass, opal glass, opal glass); good heat resistance and not easy to deform; high compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; high density, with a sense of weight (suitable for higher-grade cosmetic packaging); barrier properties, hygiene and Good preservation, easy to seal, can be sealed again after opening. But at the same time, glass bottles have poor impact resistance, fragile, high filling costs, and complicated forming processes, which limit the application of glass bottles. Glass bottles are often used in the packaging of high-end cosmetics or some special cosmetics.
    Glass bottles used for liquid cosmetic packaging are generally small mouth bottles (narrow mouth bottles), which are mainly used for the packaging of nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume and essence. The structure and shape of the glass bottle can be designed in various ways according to the needs of product packaging, and can be realized by changing the mold during manufacture. The bottle body can be directly decorated with printing or label decoration. At the same time, glass bottles of different colors can be selected to meet the packaging requirements of cosmetics with different characteristics. The bottle cap design that matches the glass bottle is a very important aspect, especially the design of the perfume bottle and bottle cap, which is endlessly changeable.
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