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Which common cosmetic container is safe for users

Update:21 Jun

Among plastic bottle packaging, the dominance of PET bottles is more extensive. From edible oil to food, from pharmaceutical bottle packaging to cosmetics packaging, PET bottle packaging is the dominant one in almost all sizes. Admittedly, PET bottle packaging has many unique advantages, which cannot be compared with other plastic bottles. However, PET bottles also have some problems that need to be improved. Only by improving these problems can it be adjusted to ensure its leading position in the scale of plastic bottles, and it can also gain the upper hand in other packaging products such as glass bottles.
Plastics are mostly used in cosmetic containers, the proportion is as high as 80%; glass is the second, accounting for only 8%. And using more does not mean that plastic is more suitable for filling skin care products. The main reason is the high degree of variability of plastics, all sizes, shapes, colors, transparent and opaque can be done. Light weight, easy transportation, good printability, and recyclability are all reasons why plastic containers are more selected. The fate of plastics is heat resistance, insufficient light barrier properties, and poor solvent resistance (especially grease). Therefore, the first bottleneck of plastic containers is that they cannot be sterilized by high temperature steam, cannot be washed with water, and cannot be sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of the contents, some care products are not suitable for packing in plastic containers.
Compared with plastics, glass-based cosmetic containers are absolutely superior in heat resistance, light resistance, and solvent resistance. Therefore, unless it is low-quality glass, glass containers are suitable for home care products.
Metal cosmetic containers are subject to many restrictions on the molding style. The containers are mostly cylindrical (essential oil bottles) and wide-mouth bottles (lip balm). Most of the skin care products filled are pure ointment, and they are mostly used as bottle caps, bottle caps, etc Accessories.
The construction technology of recycled plastics has made great breakthroughs in the past few years. The recycling of plastic bottles dominates the recycling technology of plastic bottles, which greatly increases the acceptance rate of plastic bottles. The image that contaminates the image of the scene, on the contrary, has been favored by many businesses due to the repeated dominance of the capital. In order to make fun of the low-carbon global trend, many large beverage and food plastic bottle manufacturers have initially given priority to purchasing and producing plastic bottles made of recycled plastics. At present, the domestic Yingchuang company has achieved the dominance of complete recycling of food plastic bottles.

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