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Cosmetic containers are processed by injection molding technology to reduce the defective rate of products

Update:21 Jun

Cosmetics are items that women must use. Because women are very sensitive to fashion trends, colors, and styles, the appearance of cosmetics packaging containers should be slightly unpopular or without any color or style ingenuity. , It will not be able to attract the attention of female consumers, and it will have a great impact on the appearance and sales of cosmetics. Therefore, how to develop a more specific style and ingenuity and aesthetic effect, which can also have cosmetics display functions Cosmetic containers are indeed a goal that the industry needs to work hard to develop and improve.

Injection molding is the process of injecting the plastic into the mold with pressure after the mold is made. Blowing is to heat and soften the finished plastic blanks and put them into the mold, and add high-pressure air into the blanks to stretch and thin the softened blanks to form the same product as the mold. At present, a cosmetic bottle usually includes a shell and a cap covered on the shell, and the shell is often processed by blowing or injection molding. The cosmetic container bottles processed by the blowing process have many problems such as defective products. The shell can be a single layer or a double layer.
When the shell is double-layered, it includes an outer shell and an inner shell that are blown separately. After the bottle is blown, the outer shell is sleeved outside the inner shell to install the two as a whole, but usually , The tightness between the outer shell and the inner shell after installation is not enough, which affects the appearance of the shell and reduces the texture of cosmetics. At the same time, the traditional shell made by injection molding cannot be processed into a double-layer structure with a hollow inside because the shell is closed and cannot be demolded.
In the traditional technology, the shell made by the injection molding process is usually a single-layer structure, but when the shell is used to achieve the use effect of a double-layer structure, the shell needs to be made into a high-wall thick container. It is solid, and the molded shell is heavy. Compared with the hollow double-layer structure shell, its material cost is high, the cost of processing high-thickness molds is high, the long molding cycle leads to low processing efficiency, and it is easy to deform during processing and easy to shrink, resulting in low yield. In view of this, the cosmetic container is processed by injection molding process, which reduces the defective rate of the product and improves the quality and appearance of the product. In order to meet process requirements such as mold opening during injection molding, the bottom of the outer shell is open, and a bottom cover is fitted to match the open bottom.


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