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What is the perfume spray pump?

Update:16 Dec
The perfume spray pump said that after the liquid plastic is sprayed out by the blow molding machine, the wind force blown out by the machine is used to attach the plastic body to a mold cavity of a certain shape, thereby making a product. The plastic is melted and extruded quantitatively in the screw extruder, then molded with a nozzle hole film, cooled with an air ring, pulled at a certain speed by a tractor, and wound into a roll with a winder. Extrusion blow molding: After thermoplastic particles (or powder) are plasticized by an extruder, they are prepared into a hot-melt tubular parison through a specific mold, and then blow molded. Injection blow molding uses a split mold to inject a parison into a mandrel. After the parison is properly cooled (the surface layer of the parison is solidified, and the parison will not be damaged or vertically deformed when the mandrel is moved), the mandrel and parison are sent into the blow mold to close the blow mold. Compressed air is introduced through the mandrel to expand the parison to form the desired product. After cooling and setting, take out the product.

Stretch blow molding forces the parison to stretch within a specific temperature range. While forming, the macromolecules are arranged and fixed in the wall of the product, which greatly improves the performance of the plastic container. A molding method in which a bottomed parison heated at a suitable temperature below the melting point is placed in a mold, then axially stretched by a stretch rod, and immediately blown into shape. Multi-layer blow molding is a molding method that uses multi-layer composite blanks to prepare multi-layer containers through blow molding technology. Through the reasonable collocation of different plastic layers, the properties of each layer of plastic can be effectively complemented, thereby overcoming some inherent shortcomings of single-layer plastic containers. It should be noted that the two-platen injection molding machine should maintain enough plastic raw materials. Moreover, different raw materials should be dried to different degrees according to the requirements, which can also meet our processing requirements. Generally speaking, the personnel who operate the equipment need to be trained. If you are a novice, try to be guided by the staff.

The design of the perfume spray pump is also constantly innovating. From the initial plastic cap, squeeze cap to the final spray pump, each time is for better storage of cosmetics and convenience for people to use. So what we mainly understand below is the advantage of the perfume spray pump?

1. Excellent environmental protection, easy to recycle

2. Good sealing performance

3. The dose can be well controlled, which can bring great convenience in many fields, such as medical treatment. It's not meant to be applied on wounds or in the mouth, so a spray pump will come in handy.

In addition to the above advantages, the perfume spray pump also has some possible problems, such as accidentally clogged or stuck during use, which will be more troublesome. However, in the future, perfume spray pump manufacturers will also make improvements.

The perfume spray pump has brought us a lot of convenience. For more information, please contact our manufacturer.