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What Are Lotion Pumps?

Update:22 Dec
A lotion pump is a type of device that allows you to dispense liquid products such as shampoo or facial cleanser. There are various types of pumps, which vary in terms of the design, features, and functionality. These dispensers are usually used in home environments. They offer precise control over the amount of product that can be dispensed.

Lotion pumps are commonly made from plastic, which makes them versatile. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. Some pumps have locking features, which ensure that the device remains closed when not in use. Other lotion pumps may have a ribbed, smooth, or shiny metal over-sheath.

When you press down on an actuator, it compresses a spring and dispenses the product. The action of the pump can be a simple upward motion, which will draw the product into the chamber, or it can be a complex downward movement that draws the product to the consumer's hand.

Many lotion pumps also feature an exit valve that allows the user to re-fill the bottle. They are generally made of PP plastic.

A pump's closure prevents leaks and keeps the actuator in place. Depending on the style, the closure can have a ribbed, smooth, shiny metal, or plastic over-sheath.

Plastic lotion pumps are most often used to dispense thick liquids such as hair conditioner and sun protection foam. Thicker, viscous products require a thinner flow to create pressure in the bottle.