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What is a roll-on bottle?

Update:24 Dec
What is a roll-on bottle? Application range of roller bottles
What is a roll-on bottle?
Roll-on bottles are a relatively common type of plastic packaging bottles and are widely used by people. Roll-ball bottles usually have a small capacity. Rolling balls are installed on the bottle head to allow people to apply evenly, prevent liquid leakage, and also have a massage effect. It is generally used as packaging for cosmetic eye creams, lipsticks, deodorants, face creams, essential oils, medicines, antipyretic gels, and children's products. There are two types of roller balls on the head of rollerball bottles: plastic and steel balls. Generally, steel balls are used for cosmetic eye cream bottles, while plastics are used for cheap products such as lipsticks, depending on the price of the product.

The scope of use of roller bottles
Cosmetics are a common use for roll-on bottles. Compared with spray, the roll-on bottle can evenly spread antiperspirant and body lotion on the skin surface, and the skin feels cool after the roll-on. In some designated locations, roll-on products are more professional.

Pharmaceutical packaging is another important application area for roller bottles. As the carrier of the antipyretic gel, the roller bottle can evenly spread the drug gel on the skin that needs to dissipate heat, and at the same time, the cool feeling is conducive to heat dissipation. It avoids the irritation and discomfort caused by traditional physical heat dissipation, and improves the unevenness of manual application.

Problems that should be paid attention to when bottling roll-on bottles
We know that a finished bottle is usually bottled manually after the body and cap are produced. Generally, bottling only needs to tighten the cap slowly, and the speed is faster, but the roll-on bottle has more beads on the bottle head, so bottling is more troublesome and time-consuming. In addition, because the roller ball bottle head is a steel ball, it will cause finger pain when squeezed into the bottle body, and a large number of bottles will cause finger damage. Therefore, it is best to wear gloves to protect yourself when filling the roller ball bottle.