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How to calculate the price of plastic bottles

Update:17 Dec
Bottles for packaging creams and ointments for cosmetics. At present, the main types of cream bottles are plastic, glass, and metal. How to choose a plastic cream bottle? The first is that the plastic cream bottle is preferably wide-mouthed. Because the solid cream bottle is inconvenient to take out and fill. The second is that the appearance of the plastic cream bottle should be as beautiful as possible, which is conducive to product sales. The third is that the material of the plastic cream bottle should be as reliable and stable as possible.
So, how is the price of plastic bottles calculated? First of all, the style of the plastic should be in line with the brand, and it should be convenient to use. Secondly, the capacity of the plastic cream bottle will directly affect the price of the cream bottle. Finally, the wholesale quantity of plastic cream bottles. Generally speaking, the greater the demand, the lower the unit price.
Plastic bottles used to fill cosmetic essences are called essence plastic bottles. Compared with other packaging, the essence plastic bottle generally has several characteristics. First, the essence plastic bottle has a small capacity and an exquisite appearance. Second, the essence plastic bottle packaging usually has a dropper, which is convenient to use. Third, the price of essence glass bottles and plastic bottles are generally high, and the quality requirements are high.
So, how much is the price of the essence plastic bottle packaging? First, the essence of the bottle style, ordinary and special customization, if it is a special customization, the price will be higher, and secondly, the size of the essence plastic bottle packaging, the larger the volume, the higher the price.