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What Is a Lotion Pump?

Update:14 Oct
A lotion pump is a cosmetic device that draws a liquid from a bottle to the consumer's hand. It operates by compressing a spring and drawing a ball into a dip tube or chamber. Once the ball is pushed into the chamber, a piston or actuator will move upward, dispensing the liquid product. The piston or actuator then returns to an upright position. This seals the chamber, preventing the liquid product from flowing back into the bottle. These devices are made of durable plastic, such as polypropylene.

A lotion pump's interior parts vary depending on the manufacturer. Some have additional components that aid product flow. Others are made with a metal-free pathway, which prevents product from coming into contact with the metal spring. The pump housing is usually made of PP plastic, and the size will vary. It is important to note that some glass bottles will not fit into a lotion pump's housing.

Many consumers and manufacturers find lotion pumps convenient. They do not have to shake the bottle, and they can be used with a variety of bottles. They are also easy to use. They are easy to keep on the surface and can be operated with one hand. The pumping mechanism will dispense a specific amount of lotion or cream.

A lotion pump can be made of PP plastic and has a locking mechanism. Its design allows it to be used with large plastic bottles, while its smaller volume allows for dispensing smaller quantities. The pump can be used for a variety of applications, from liquid to cream to hair care products.