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What are the characteristics of the materials of cosmetic packaging design

Update:14 Oct
Cosmetics, as a fashionable consumer goods, needs high-quality packaging materials to enhance its value. At present, there are a wide variety of daily cosmetics on the market in my country, using a variety of packaging materials.

Plastic is widely used due to its strong durability, reasonable price and light weight, and it is invincible in the competition. Plastic packaging can produce many beautifully packaged and unique products at an economical and reasonable cost. A wide variety of plastic materials are available today to produce highly transparent and attractive packaging products. The main application scope of PET bottles and cans is concentrated in skin care products, shower gels and other products. For some products, PET bottles are the ideal packaging material. In addition, PET bottles are soft to the touch and their surface can be treated with a variety of decorative treatments, which is unique among packaging materials.

Glass gives people a noble appearance. The dazzling dazzling glass is very suitable for the packaging of perfume bottles, etc. It is the main material for the packaging of luxury goods, perfumes, spices and other products. Such as Dior Dior true I pure fragrance perfume, pure gold, gem-like bottle bottom, dazzling. The bottle is slender and slender with a Marseille ring, "J’adore" is etched on the pearl-shaped cork, and through the magnifying crystal glass, the radiance shines, showing its holiness, nobility and luxury. In addition, glass also plays an important role in highlighting the brand-name effect of the product. For example, in the selection of the outer packaging bottle body, there is a tendency to choose the plexiglass material with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same hand feeling as glass and stronger, and then matched with gold and silver bottle caps with high quality and gloss. Endows the crystal series cosmetics with luxurious and fashionable product connotation.