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What else do you know about cosmetic container packaging?

Update:22 Jan
What else do you know about cosmetic container packaging?

A brand can be a belief, and a well-known brand brings a promise of safety to buyers that can help consumers identify and select merchandise. In order to achieve a good brand effect, an enterprise must reflect the unique connotation of the brand. It must not only establish a distinctive image and temperament, but also improve product quality, and provide consumers with intuitive information in terms of publicity and visual communication.

In view of the serious phenomenon of online shopping cosmetic containers, poor protection performance, difficult to recycle packaging, and poor convenience, combined with the main points of packaging design, it is envisaged that a cosmetic container of one size can be adapted to a variety of products. Only glass bottles are used to fix the product, no redundant materials are used, and the packaging of products of multiple sizes and specifications is consolidated and unified to ensure that the outer dimensions remain unchanged, and the inner dimensions can change with the change of the product, which solves the existing problems from the structure.

Standardized package size. There are many specifications and different sizes of packaging cartons for online shopping, resulting in an increase in packaging material management costs, warehousing and logistics distribution management costs. To improve the efficiency of the logistics system, the core is to unify the size of the packaging to facilitate the planning of space utilization in the production, management, storage and transportation of the packaging.

Enhanced protection. The protection function is the basic function of the packaging. Online shopping cosmetic containers and packaging should not only maintain the original appearance of the product, but also resist the damage caused by transportation to the packaging to ensure that the product is delivered intact. Enhanced protection features can help buyers and sellers build loyal transactional relationships, and it has also driven the development of online shopping packaging.

Reusable packaging. If the designed cosmetic container packaging can be recycled and reused effectively, it will be very beneficial in reducing waste. If the carton material is a single paper fiber material and no other materials are involved in the synthesis, then when the cosmetic container packaging is reused for many times, the damaged carton can also be used as a raw material to produce packaging products through simple procedures.