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Plastic bottle PK glass bottle?

Update:27 Jan
Plastic bottle PK glass bottle?
"Replacing glass bottles with plastic bottles" is the development trend of the packaging sales market. From the pharmaceutical industry to cosmetics to food packaging materials, plastic bottles slowly replace the original packaging sales market of glass bottles for a long period of time, and gradually become utensils The protagonist of the packaging sales market. At one time, everyone thought that plastic bottles would completely replace glass bottles.
However, the situation has gradually turned around, and the "replacement of plastic bottles with glass bottles" seems to be more and more intense in the field of cosmetic plastic containers and yogurt. Glass bottle sales market order information, but plastic bottles suffer from negative reports such as bisphenol A and additives. Many commodities, whether it is cosmetics or food, have been choosing glass bottle packaging instead of plastic bottle packaging. However, because the advantages of plastic bottles are well known to everyone, some companies will still choose plastic bottles after comprehensive consideration. For example, some companies in cosmetics market segmentation, and create their own plastic packaging bottles, resulting in a visual design that allows customers to It is unforgettable; if the plastic bottle wants to have a higher promotion, I firmly believe that there will be different surprises!
So in the whole process of plastic bottle PK glass bottle, who will become the big winner? In fact, no one is likely to replace the other. For cosmetic container packaging suppliers and users, the specific sales market should be analyzed to decide which material packaging to choose. Both plastic bottles and glass bottles have their advantages and disadvantages. Which material to choose for a packaging should not blindly follow the crowd and make decisions based on specifics.
Cosmetic bottle glass bottle is a traditional plastic packaging product. Its characteristics are: bright and transparent, good organic chemical reliability, poor ventilation effect, easy to shape, but heavy and fragile. 80%-90% of laminated glass packaging materials are cosmetic bottles, glass bottles and cans. Generally, the relative density of soda glass bottle is 2.5-2.6g/cm3, which has high ductility and low thermal conductivity.
Plastic is a composite material of polymer materials, and there are many types of cosmetic bottles. The advantages are:
(1) Good physical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, which is conducive to carrying applications;
(2) Barrier, good airtightness and high definition;
(3) The production and processing characteristics are good, and the bottles, caps, plastic films, bags and their composite packaging products can be manufactured into specifications and sizes;
(4) Good decorative art coloring and packaging printing characteristics