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What are the characteristics of the wide mouth cream bottle

Update:21 Jun

At present, as far as the cosmetics industry is concerned, the development momentum is very rapid. Due to the wide variety of cosmetics, there are lotions, essences, creams and so on. Due to the different products, the packaging bottles presented are also quite different. However, as far as cream bottles are concerned, the wide-mouth cream bottles are the most common ones. The wide-mouth cream bottles of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers continue the unique advantages of wide-mouth bottles: they can make full use of the product without causing waste.
Regardless of the type of cream bottle we use, in terms of the degree of utilization of aging products, a wide-mouth bottle is a better choice. Vacuum squeeze, pump squeeze, or hose. When the cosmetics are about to be used up, the process of using it becomes a little difficult, and some waste will be generated on the inner wall of the package. There is no need to worry about the wide-mouth cream bottle. Because of its unique bottle mouth design, it ensures that our fingers can touch any corner of the cream bottle, and the cosmetics attached to the inner wall can also be easily taken out and used.
Cosmetic cream bottles are an important category in cosmetic packaging. All kinds of cosmetics such as barrier creams and sunscreens all need this type of packaging. The uses of creams are also different, so should the cream bottles of cosmetics be improved according to the different uses.
At present, there are mainly two types of cosmetic container cream bottles on the market: glass cream bottles and plastic cream hoses. The glass cream bottle has a high-end and exquisite appearance, while the plastic cream bottle hose is mainly light and easy to use. There are actually two major uses for people to use cream cosmetics, indoor and outdoor. Indoors refer to the use of makeup and beauty at homes, beauty salons and other places, while outdoor is for outdoor travel and work. Obviously, the glass cream bottle will be more suitable for indoor use, and the plastic cream bottle hose will be more suitable for outdoor use, because it is lighter and more convenient to carry.