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Transparent texture material enriches cosmetic packaging

Update:08 Apr
In the competition between plastic and glass, cosmetic packaging can be described as one of the most stable positions for glass packaging. With the continuous development of various new plastic materials, plastic packaging with the same transparent texture as glass, with its richer color effects and more convenient processing performance than glass packaging, is quietly entering the high-end cosmetic packaging market, and is more abundant. The image shows the charm of cosmetics.
Various new materials, new technologies and new processes are constantly emerging, providing more choices for cosmetic packaging design. For high-end cosmetics, in order to achieve the desired effect, designers and packaging manufacturers make unremitting efforts to develop the most perfect packaging design.

1. Transparent texture
Transparent texture is one of the important trends pursued by cosmetic packaging bottles. The crystal-like appearance and rich and imaginative shapes make cosmetic suppliers favor transparent packaging. High-end cosmetics are even more in demand. The clear packaging feels pure and modern. The special structural design can also create wonderful effects.

Transparent packaging is one of the most important trends in cosmetic and perfume packaging. The transparent packaging gives a sense of purity, and the designer adds a modern touch to this design. The purpose of developing transparent materials is to achieve "crystal-like aesthetics".

2. The challenge of transparency

The assembly of transparent parts is also a huge challenge. It is almost impossible to use traditional bonding methods without compromising transparency. To solve this problem, we are working with suppliers to develop a UV-curable adhesive that does not affect the transparency at all. According to reports, this material maintains good transparency even when exposed to the outside, so chemical resistance is also very important.

 To achieve a luxurious and noble effect, cosmetic packaging usually uses gold, silver and other colors as the decoration of transparent packaging. The basic color is mostly milky white. In the past, the color that can be achieved by glass packaging is very limited, so plastic packaging has become the most important form of choice. There are two main ways for manufacturers to obtain plastic color: one is to spray the surface with UV paint or pigment; the other is to develop new resin mixtures.

Electroplating is still one of the most important metallization methods, and by increasing its color effect, unparalleled appearance can be obtained, such as black pearl, silver white, etc.

 3. "No Label" Effect

Cosmetic labels do not only play the role of identification, but also often sell images when selling cosmetics. Transparent labels can be used as product embellishments while clearly conveying product information. The product is still the center of the whole package, and the "no label" effect is just the best decoration for the display of high-end products.

On the one hand, the content of the label plays a role in communicating with consumers. On the other hand, the "no label" effect and the pure and transparent packaging show a fresh and attractive feeling. The "no label" effect has become a favorite of high-end cosmetic packaging. At present, the main label material used to achieve the "no label" effect is a transparent pressure-sensitive film, and the "no label" effect is achieved with exquisite patterns and texts printed in flexo or gravure.

4. The balance between practicality and aesthetics

There is no product that pays more attention to the aesthetics of packaging than cosmetics. But in practice there are still plenty of issues worth considering: pressure to save costs, provide more protection for products, and high-performance alternative materials.

In fact, even the highest-end cosmetics also face cost considerations. In the early days, people mainly reduced the cost of the product by reducing the weight of the packaging and reducing the complex design. Glass dominates the perfume bottle market, but it is dominated by plastic caps because plastic is more economical than metal. And plastic replaces glass, cost reduction is actually one of the main factors. Due to the ease of processing of plastics and the promotion of new materials, the same transparent effect as glass packaging can be achieved, and the formability is better, and the design of complex structures is easier to achieve. The new plastic material can be directly molded and combined with exotic color effects, so that the processing cost is significantly reduced. Because of this, the application of plastics in the field of cosmetics is gradually increasing.

But for cosmetic packaging, the cost is second. Physical protection is the more important factor. Many cosmetics that provide oxyhydrogen particles need to store more moisture, and the packaging is required to have good air tightness. The content that often needs to be protected may include chemical ingredients, moisture, fragrance, etc., but it is also convenient for consumers to open. The method of protecting moisture can be to add a layer of PP, or it can be achieved by thickening the wall. There are also many ways to achieve air tightness, which can be selected according to the components of different cosmetics.

Plastic is quietly occupying the special position of glass in the field of cosmetics. However, for high-end cosmetics, establishing their own brand and product image features and attractive packaging effects become the most important factors. Therefore, higher-performance alternative plastic materials have become the first choice for high-end cosmetic packaging design.

For cosmetic packaging, the balance between aesthetic pursuit and reality is quite delicate. New processing methods, materials and engineering techniques can provide different quality and price choices for gorgeous cosmetic packaging design. In order to achieve the desired effect, designers and packaging manufacturers work together to complete the packaging design, and maintain a certain flexibility to achieve the final perfect high-end cosmetic packaging.