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Common packaging materials for liquid cosmetics

Update:15 Apr
According to the different fluidity exhibited by liquid cosmetics, they can be roughly divided into liquid cosmetics, emulsion cosmetics and paste cosmetics.
    There are many types of liquid cosmetics, such as nail (toenail) oil, nail polish remover; hair dye, hair spray and hair mousse (aerosol hair conditioner); various toners (such as toner, prickly heat water, toner, moisturizing liquid); perfume, essence, etc., are all liquid cosmetics.
    Liquid cosmetics are easy to penetrate or overflow (such as toners, etc.), some are also highly volatile (such as perfumes and essences, which are easy to lose fragrance), and even contain organic solvent components (such as nail polish, nail polish remover, etc.). When packaging such cosmetics, in view of their special properties such as permeability, volatility, or containing organic solvents, the packaging materials and containers are required to have good barrier properties and sealing properties, and sometimes certain solvent resistance properties ( Such as the packaging of nail polish); in view of the characteristics of good liquid flow, easy to overflow, and easy access by dumping the container, it is required that the opening of the packaging container should not be too large, and the sealing between the container and the lid should be good. Sometimes, special bottle mouth designs are also required for ease of use and savings, such as the packaging of high-end perfumes.
    For the packaging of liquid cosmetics, the commonly used cosmetic packaging bottles are mainly small-caliber glass bottles and plastic bottles of various shapes. The bottle caps are generally plastic caps and functional designs, such as movable pouring caps, hinged plug hole caps, etc. , for ease of use. For some special liquid cosmetics, special packaging forms are often used, such as hair mousse and hair gel packaging, often in the form of spray packaging.
    Commonly used packaging materials
    The packaging materials commonly used in liquid cosmetics are mainly glass materials, plastic materials, high-grade cardboard and so on. Among them, glass materials are mainly used to make glass bottles and jars of various sizes and structures; plastic materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, etc., are often used to make plastic bottles of various shapes, and polypropylene is also commonly used to make various Shaped bottle caps; high-grade cardboard is often used to make beautifully printed, elegant and unique cartons, as the outer packaging of liquid cosmetics, together with plastic or glass bottles to form sales packaging.
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