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Plastic bottles mainly occupy the cosmetics washing industry

Update:21 Jun

The diversity of plastic materials to meet the divergent product packaging requirements Cosmetic bottles, detergents and other products have a longer dominance cycle. In several times, the container profile often produces bacteria and affects the health of the dominant person. The principle of repelling antibacterial plastic bottles is to produce bacteria according to the characteristics of the crucible. After research and development, we have evenly distributed the inorganic metal antibacterial agent in the blowing material. After the improved blow molding process, the antibacterial plastic bottle container has the characteristics of long antibacterial aging, antibacterial field and antibacterial spectrum. The product has been tested and the antibacterial rate is above 99%. The product is very popular in the market, and can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, detergents and medicines.
In the production of raw materials for plastic bottle containers, the addition of a certain proportion of nano-materials can improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic containers. In particular, the properties of barrier properties, chemical resistance and UV resistance have been greatly advanced, and the toughness of containers It has also been strengthened, and at the same time it can drop the necessary capital. The product is very competitive.
Green packaging material design
The most popular cosmetics and detergent packaging containers are mostly made of high-density polyethylene HDPE. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials used in plastic bottles are also increasingly enriched.
The growth trend of plastic bottles
The structural design and humanized design of the product must closely follow the product requirements and have a forward-looking awareness.
Green packaging materials are exclusive and exclusive.