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Land to maintain brand consistency is very important

Update:21 Jun

With the rapid development of the economy, China has become the world's largest consumer goods market. However, the outbreak of the global financial crisis last year has brought unprecedented difficulties and challenges to the Chinese economy, and has also triggered more uncertainties. The chairman of the organizing committee of China's cosmetics industry said that in the Chinese cosmetics industry, these uncertainties are mainly reflected in six aspects: instability of raw material prices, financial reforms, changes in tax policies, such as changes in inflation and economic indicators, new trends Ata acquires the derivation and development trends of state-owned enterprises and multinational corporations and new channels, the uncertainty of enterprise innovation and the idea of ​​change. Participating companies should arm themselves with innovative thinking, integrate innovation in products, channels, marketing and other aspects, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and complete the upgrading and transformation of industrial structure. The National Bureau of Statistics, director of the Center for Education Statistics pointed out that changes in the economic environment have directly led to changes in the decision-making behavior of cosmetic consumers and changes in business models. In times of crisis, consumers will consider the value of the product itself in a more rational and frugal manner, and the brand's dependence will be stronger. Therefore, cosmetic packaging companies should be constantly changing, and land to maintain brand consistency is very important.
Regular cosmetic packaging should be marked on the outer packaging:
1. Health permit. For example, Wei makeup quasi-word 29 (representing the province) - by xk (permit) - 1679 (representing the batch number)
2. Production license. Such as xk16 - 1083529
3. Execution standards. Such as AB-02, through your own number
4. If it is a special kind of cosmetics, there should be a special type of cosmetic batch number. Such as QG 25 (97) cosmetics (on behalf of the province) - QG approved ("special cosmetics" mark) - 07 (category) - 0907 (serial number)
Cosmetics for special classification number: 01) 02 years 03 04 perm hair dye hair removal 05 bodybuilding breast beauty 06 07 deodorant 08 sunburn 09 if nine kinds of cosmetics, the product packaging must have special types of cosmetics batch number, batch number after batch in 1999 May, such as: who does not have makeup. 0000 years (one year). Without these two batch numbers, it belongs to three no products. Imported cosmetics: batch number approved in May 1999: (91) Cosmetic 02 (category) approved country - JK (import) - 0011, batch number approved in May 1999, such as: who made up the text (year) Imported Cosmetics Classification Number: 0000 01 Send your class with class 02: Skin 03 Beauty 04 Perfume class.
As a representative of fashion, cosmetics not only rely on the open market of efficacy, but also need more high-quality and high-tech packaging materials to enhance their social status. The application of new plastic materials has gradually evolved into the cosmetics industry to improve existing products and product launches. For example, on April 20, 2009, Shiseido is a combination of current environmental issues, such as global warming and depletion of petroleum resources, and oil resources will be the environmental load of low-to-plant plastic packaging materials for plastic packaging. And the "impact" of Procter & Gamble also changed the traditional hard plastics, and chose the hardness of a more humanized soft plastic packaging, as well as increased affinity, and also injected new vitality into the "old" brand. And plastic packaging sets a new world with its stylish, smart, energetic and fun packaging design and a new bottle type. Antibacterial plastic bottles are one of the most popular cosmetic companies and the healthiest of the safest users. The development of antibacterial plastic bottles has led to the surface bacteria being widely used in cosmetic detergents and bottle packaging in order to prevent containers. When it comes to plastic bottles, you have to mention the most recent PET bottles. The main application areas of PET bottles and cans are concentrated in skin care products, shower gels and cosmetics. For some products, PET bottles are the ideal packaging material. Plastics are easy to handle and can be designed into many stylish classics that are transparent. In addition, the surface of the PET bottle can be a variety of packaging processes, only in the packaging material. Today, the use of PET plastics is becoming more widespread, and its prospects in the field of cosmetic packaging will be more extensive in the future.