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Why do different types of cosmetic containers cost differently

Update: 13-05-2020

There are many people who purchase plastic bottles thro […]

There are many people who purchase plastic bottles through the Internet, and a big purpose is to make an inquiry and then to calculate the cost. However, we have to say the opposite today. It is actually not that simple to check costs through online inquiry. First of all, when purchasing plastic bottles, many people do not have an exact concept of the volume, shape and material of plastic bottles, and cosmetic container manufacturers cannot give an exact price. Because the cost and capacity of plastic bottles and their dimensions are closely related, only accurate bottle shape parameters can be used for price estimation. In addition, different plastic bottle materials are also an important factor affecting the price of plastic bottles. Secondly, the purchase volume of plastic bottles and whether the Yangtze River is in stock. The greater the purchase volume of plastic bottles, the lower the plastic bottle mold.
Plastic bottle packaging has different cost requirements in different fields. Plastic bottle packaging involves many fields, from chemical to cosmetics, from medicine to food, each industry has its own characteristics, so there are many differences in the requirements for plastic bottle packaging Today, let ’s talk about the difference in the cost of plastic bottles in different fields, and how cosmetic container manufacturers adjust their strategies and control costs.

First, medical plastic bottles and cosmetic plastic bottles are relatively profitable areas. Especially for cosmetics plastic bottle packaging, cosmetics container manufacturers pay more attention to product appearance and texture, and the cost control is not very strict. Therefore, the production of such profitable plastic bottles requires more to ensure the beauty of the product and the personalization of the design. There should not be too much cost reduction in order to win market competition. Secondly, some plastic bottles of chemical foods will have strict cost requirements. Such as glass plastic bottles, distilled water plastic bottles, the cost requirements are very low. Because the price of glass water and distilled water is very low, the price of packaging must be reduced to a very low part. Let's take a look at mineral water plastic bottles. Because of the large amount of use, the cost requirements of individual plastic bottles are also very high. For manufacturers engaged in the production of these plastic bottles, they must work hard to reduce production costs, to reduce to become the primary standard, otherwise it is difficult to win the market.
    For the cost control and saving of cosmetic containers, we can try to improve from these aspects. First of all, from the aspect of cosmetic container production, the integration of injection and blowing technology of cosmetic containers has been achieved. Now the separation of injection and blowing has greatly increased labor costs and reduced efficiency. The integration of injection and blowing will be greatly reduced Cost of production. Secondly, to promote the weight reduction technology of cosmetic containers, on the one hand, the weight reduction of containers is to save production materials and reduce costs. On the other hand, logistics costs have also been reduced. The development and innovation of raw materials for cosmetic containers, increasing the diversification of production materials for cosmetic containers, fierce competition for raw materials, and falling prices are the only effective means to reduce the prices of cosmetic containers.
    The cost control and reduction of cosmetics containers not only have good economic benefits for enterprises, but also have good social benefits for the entire society.