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What to pay attention to when buying cosmetic packaging materials

Update: 25-04-2021

Five points to pay attention to when purchasing cosmeti […]

Five points to pay attention to when purchasing cosmetic packaging materials
Cosmetic packaging materials are not only containers, but also outer packaging boxes, inner cartons, labels and some auxiliary tools. Especially the packaging materials of skin care products are very different due to different materials and different shapes. Therefore, in OEM production and processing, the purchase of packaging materials is very important. Good packaging materials can enhance the image and improve the quality. Therefore, while determining OEM production and processing factories, it is necessary to attach great importance to the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials, step up efforts to track the production process, and achieve "pre-research on the market, predict the process, and pre-control risks" to ensure that "quality is guaranteed, construction period can be guaranteed. On time, the service is in place". Specifically, you can refer to the following five aspects of control:
1. Is the design reasonable?
As an OEM customer, while considering the cost, it should also consider market expectations, and control the design of cosmetic packaging materials, from the outer box to the inner carton; from the container shape to the label copy; from the style positioning to the transportation risk; from the inner packaging to the inner carton. Outsourcing, etc. Consider the overall situation and make overall arrangements to ensure a reasonable structure and good physical properties. Some customers only consider containers, and leave nothing to do with outsourcing, especially geographical conditions and transportation conditions. The lack of overall planning results in a good product without a good appearance, which will ultimately damage the overall image of the product and the interests of customers.
2, is the capacity standard?
There are many types of skincare packaging materials and the production process is more complicated. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be a gap between the container capacity and the design standard. Therefore, before the container is produced, the characteristics of the material should be fully considered and targeted control. Whether the special specifications are complete, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the vision is comfortable, etc. When negotiating business, many customers often only know that they are produced according to the model. In fact, this is incomplete, because the material body is different, and the net content of the same container is different.
3, whether the copywriting is standardized
The country has very strict label management on cosmetics and must be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, especially for characteristic products. Some ingredients and their indicators must not be in error or discrepancy. Otherwise, even the best cosmetics cannot be used. In addition, the efficacy of the product must be carefully scrutinized and reviewed carefully to avoid false content, avoid banned words, and avoid consumer ambiguity.
4, whether the details are controlled
The main problem is the quality of cosmetic packaging materials. Due to the bottles, boxes, bags, etc. in the cosmetic packaging materials, defective products will always be mixed in the mass production process, and even if the quality is good, it will be in the transportation process. Defects etc. are produced. Especially some auxiliary small accessories, such as lids, hand pads, boxes, inner supports, etc., are prone to quality defects of one kind or another during production or transportation. Therefore, each link must be carefully controlled. ,detail.
5. Does the proportion exceed the standard?
Some machine-produced glass bottles and hoses will inevitably have some problems in terms of color difference, missing printing, and shape. If the ratio of qualified products to defective products does not exceed the basic standard during the cosmetic package material inspection, then the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials is successful, but when ordering cosmetic packaging materials, the quantity should be appropriately increased and backed up to ensure that there are enough and selected Room.

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