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What kind of packaging is easy to cause secondary pollution and how to choose a suitable cosmetic container

Update: 07-07-2020

The product designed by the dropper belongs to the pack […]

The product designed by the dropper belongs to the packaging that is prone to secondary pollution. Each time it is taken, the internal material is forced to come into contact with air pollution once. However, the cost of such packaging is far lower than the indenter, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the packaging is superior to the indenter. Therefore, even if the brand knows that this is not excellent, there are still many products packaged in this way.

In addition to the design of the dropper, the wide-mouth cream bottle is also a large-area exposed to air packaging; the maintenance products in plastic hoses may also bring into the air to accelerate the oxidation and deterioration every time they are used. Any care products that are easy to "eat" into the air and exposed to a large area of ​​the air should be used as soon as possible after opening. This type of packaged product cannot be used until the next year (presumably oxidized and deteriorated).

Choose the right cosmetic container for your formula. All cosmetics, skin care products and medical products are chemicals, so they may react with other substances. The correct cosmetic container will ensure compatibility between packaging materials and formulas. If you have a preservative-free, organic or high-end medical formula, you should choose a gas-free bottle or jar. Airless pumps can protect sensitive products from contamination and provide up to 99% of products; even high viscosity products such as toothpaste. For lotions, body oils, shampoos or shower gels, regular PET, HDPE or LDPE cosmetic bottles with good dispensing caps or pumps will do the job. Custom tools for PET and HDPE cosmetic bottles are suitable for customers looking for unique designs. As foaming facial cleansers become a new trend, the demand for foaming pump bottles is increasing. Foam pumps are also used in hair care products. If your product is too thick, like a body butter, a PP can may be the ideal solution. Due to viscosity or aesthetic appeal, some skin care brands still tend to jar to bottle. The rise of airless cans allows the brand to maintain the aesthetic appeal of traditional cans while ensuring protection of the formula.

According to different types, the advantage of the squeeze bottle is that it not only looks high-end, easy to use, but also carries a certain weight. When using glass bottles and glass bottle perfumes, not only do they look good and attract attention, but also more and more high-end basic skin care and cosmetics choose to use these containers.

In addition, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, as the use of secondary packaging becomes less and less, the use of folded boxes and set-upboxes becomes less and less.

However, because folded boxes and set-upboxes can effectively convey the image of high-end brands, it is widely used in the field of high-end products, which is worth noting.