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What are the requirements for cosmetic packaging bottles

Update: 24-05-2021

Nowadays, makeup is used in many places in the world. T […]

Nowadays, makeup is used in many places in the world. This is not only a fashion, but also a kind of respect for people. Nowadays, many jobs require makeup, and a brand-new look is coming out. But cosmetic packaging is also a way to attract consumers. Designers need to know fashionable things, people always yearn for beautiful things.

1. Design requirements for cosmetic packaging bottles:
(1) Texture requirements, so the cosmetic bottles that everyone sees are double-packed. The bottle body is complete, stable and straight, smooth, and the thickness is basically uniform. There should be no cold bursts, cracks, no obvious scars, or deformed bottle mouths.
(2) User experience. In order to achieve this, many brand companies will make customized packaging bottles. The advantage of this is indeed undoubted, which has a very good effect on the brand.
(3) In order to ensure the safety of the bottle, it is packaged in film and then in a carton during transportation, so the cost of going to it will be more
(4) The design of LOGO and text layout is very demanding, because the quality and design of the current product appearance directly affect the customer's judgment on the product
(5) The tightness of the product is particularly important. How to say it, don’t explain much, if you don’t do it well, just wait for the sales to decrease.
(6) The bottle and the cosmetic packaging box design cover are tightly matched without slippage, loosening, and leakage.

2. Cover (including outer cover, inner cover (plug, pad))
 Inner cover
①Complete, smooth, no deformation, no carbon single, clean, no dust, oil, etc.
②It fits well with the bottle and outer cap, and should not be leaked
Outer cover
①Correct, smooth, no broken, cracked, bursting phenomenon, uniform color, no color migration, the same as the standard sample
②The thread and other matching structure are intact.
③The ones with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform and complete, and the color and luster should be the same as the standard sample
④Clamshell type outer cover can be flipped up flexibly
⑤The cap and bottle are tightly matched, and there is no slippage, loosening, leakage, etc.

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