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The transformation of domestic cosmetic bottle production

Update: 19-07-2019

A few years ago, the demand for cosmetic bottles in the […]

A few years ago, the demand for cosmetic bottles in the domestic market was very simple. At that time, the cosmetics industry had just started. Whether it was source, shape or material, it was very single, but now it has undergone earth-shaking changes.

I vaguely remember that a few years ago, the domestic cosmetics market had just started, so almost all of the bottles came from Yiwu Small Commodity Market and some manufacturers in Guangzhou. Cosmetic bottles are sold as small items, and there is not much emphasis on color, shape and material. The root cause is that the competition in the cosmetics industry at the time was not fierce today, nor did it pay attention to the importance of packaging. Nowadays, the fierce competition in the market has led to an increase in the overall production level of cosmetic bottles, and its production has also become subdivided, no longer as monolithic as before.

Nowadays, more and more new materials are being applied to the research and development of cosmetic bottles. People pay attention to its materials, types, colors, shapes and functions. Glass, plastic, ceramics and metal show various styles. The type of ball and bottle head is now the popular micro-shock type, which pushes the production of cosmetic bottles to the extreme.

Nowadays, the production of cosmetic bottles has been regarded as a specialized industry. It is no longer a vassal of cosmetics. Its value and raw materials are the same. More and more professional production companies are established, specialized and regularized, and faced with super competition. The brand concept is gradually integrated into it, such as the most well-known acrylic glass bottle, which is a company specializing in the production of plastic cosmetic bottles, and incorporates its own high imitation glass features.

In general, the production of cosmetic bottles is now more specialized and branded, and it is able to stand up to the increasingly competitive market.