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The style of the cosmetic bottle is important

Update:21 Jun

Whether the cosmetic bottle is portable or not is an important point for customers. Many female customers choose small and exquisite cosmetic bottles for work or short-term business trips, which saves face and is not troublesome. So manufacturers can consider the design to be reasonable and humane when choosing packaging bottles. For the promotion of advertising, cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers such small and delicate bottles are also a big selling point.
Of course, it is impossible for all customers to buy cosmetics in small cosmetic bottles, so large cosmetic bottles also have its advantages. You can decorate the room, use it as the bottom of a small bonsai, etc. The key lies in the style of the bottle.

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The "pressing" fresh bottle of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers presses from top to bottom, and the material is discharged by one rod. The discharge port is automatically sealed to isolate bacteria and not pollute skin care products. The design concept of fresh packaging is to simplify the complex and simplify the structure. The bottle body and piston are composed of skin care products of different viscosity, and can be used as aqua cream.
The pressure head of the "push type" fresh bottle of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers is different from that of the vacuum pump type bottle presser. The design concept of the patented fresh packaging is to simplify the complex. The structure is mainly composed of the bottle body and the piston, which can hold different Viscosity skin care products, liquid creams can be used, and the piston pushes directly from the bottom of the bottle like a syringe.
Judging from the current situation, the advantages of plastic bottle packaging are significant. It is lightweight and inexpensive, and can be made into various sizes, transparent, and opaque. At the same time, the printing performance of plastic bottle packaging is very good, and the instructions, logos, and bar codes can be directly printed on the surface of the container by heat transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods. In recent years, PET resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic containers, which has led to a major change in replacing glass bottles with plastics. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the packaging market for cosmetics and become the main packaging container for cosmetics.