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The performance improvement of blow mould is conducive to the production of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers

Update: 18-08-2020

For purchasers, in order to shape the image of the prod […]

For purchasers, in order to shape the image of the product and do a good job in product packaging, it will inevitably have personalized requirements for the outer packaging of the product. At this time, for cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, they must purchase new blow molds for this bottle shape. We all know that the price of a pair of blow molds can be tens of thousands. For a cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer, it is often necessary There are many auxiliary blowing molds to deal with various market orders, which is a big cost. Sometimes some orders are small, but the bottle shape is special, and cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers suffer from the problem of blowing molds and can only choose to give up. How to reduce the cost of blowing molds is actually very important for the entire plastic bottle production industry and even the entire packaging industry. Because the investment price of production equipment such as bottle blowing machines is fixed, and the bottle blowing mold needs to invest every time a new package is opened. If the cost of blowing molds can be reduced, it will naturally make manufacturers more abundant in plastic bottle packaging varieties and lower procurement costs.

Young people nowadays are pursuing individualization more and more, especially for packaging. The future plastic bottle market will definitely be a personalized market. For cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, how to solve the problem of blowing molds and having more blowing molds is an important guarantee for the competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, for the field of blowing molds or raw materials, if you can bypass the blowing molds and directly produce plastic bottles, and strengthen the plasticity of plastic bottles, I believe it will be a major breakthrough, which will have a huge impact on the market and will also win a lot. Great development opportunities.
Blow mold is a very important part of plastic bottle blow molding. The improvement of all aspects of blow mold performance is of far-reaching significance for the entire plastic bottle industry. Today we are going to talk about what can improve the better performance of the bottle blowing mold.
First of all, the production of bottle blowing molds currently uses steel. We all know that steel costs are very high. If a manufacturer needs to make a new bottle blowing mold in order to blow a new bottle, it often requires a high cost. If you can find cheaper blowing mold materials, this will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic bottles. Secondly, the life of the blowing mold, the blowing mold needs to be blown in a high temperature environment. Therefore, the production life cycle of many bottle blowing molds is not long, and extending the life cycle of the bottle blowing mold is also an aspect of effectively reducing costs. The production efficiency of bottle blowing molds, one mold with multiple cavities can effectively improve the blowing efficiency, but how to achieve more cavities in one mold in the limited space in the bottle blowing machine is a very challenging problem.
In short, the current blow mold production technology of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers has reached a very high level, but there is still much room for improvement. Improving any performance of the bottle blowing mold will greatly improve the production of plastic bottles.