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The influence of cosmetic bottles in the cosmetics industry

Update: 06-05-2021

More than one-third of China's export rate has increase […]

More than one-third of China's export rate has increased the level of packaging for commodities. This brings both opportunity and challenge to cosmetic packaging bottles. Faced with a wide range of packaged goods, it is not easy for cosmetic bottles to be sharp.

1. For cosmetic packaging, the safety, cleaning and cleaning of sealed cosmetic bottles must first be ensured. Ensure the absolute safety of bottles and caps to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, which affects the quality of food and harms the health of the human body.

2. The second is to ensure the safety of cosmetic bottle raw materials during the production process to prevent secondary materials and other raw materials from flowing into this market. Together to ensure the safe cleaning of plastic bottle production and operation workshops, relevant regulatory authorities should strengthen supervision in this area.

3. Once again, as a fast-paced consumer product packaging, there is a demand for an outstanding cosmetic packaging bottle image display. Therefore, improvements are required from planning to production, especially to provide outstanding safety elements to win the trust of consumers.

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technology, the development of packaging has gradually highlighted the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, and the development and substitution of new environmentally friendly materials. Safe and convenient packaging will be more popular. Welcome to the market. After China joined the WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy for companies in international competition. Brand development, brand education, brand innovation and other issues have also received increasing attention from domestic companies. Although they do not have rich brand management experience with international brands, they also lack successful brands. The management method of operation, but Chinese national enterprises are still constantly exploring and seeking development through innovation. Take the cosmetics and detergent industries as an example. Although people still have the impression of white porcelain bottles with green iron caps, antique and affordable "Big Friendship" creams, this cream was once famous all over the country in the 1980s, with a value of 100 million yuan. The old brand with 10,000 customers can now only rely on the ever-decreasing consumer base to maintain its meager sales. In the face of the intervention of external information, the application of new technologies, the emergence of new products, and the overwhelming packaging and promotion, there is only one purpose-to compete for every hesitant customer. Today, when the goods are extremely rich, if you don't change or innovate, you will be eliminated.

For novel products, if novel packaging is used, the influence on customers will be greatly enhanced. In addition, novel packaging can add luster and appeal to a very ordinary product. In the personal care products and perfume market, product packaging has become an important factor that can quickly lock consumers' eyes on retail shelves. Because contemporary consumers have gradually understood packaging design, from the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focusing on packaging innovation and innovation. Out of strong competition for the attention of end consumers, many packaging suppliers believe that product design has become more important than ever. Personalized demand drives the continuous development of customized production (personalized production mode based on the needs of different consumers), and patented molds are popular among enterprises in the industry.