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Teach you how to efficiently clean the airless bottle

Update: 03-04-2020

Vacuum bottles are the most widely used in the field of […]

Vacuum bottles are the most widely used in the field of cosmetics, but people who are often in contact with cosmetics find that vacuum bottles are difficult to clean. If they are not cleaned, some of the cosmetics in the bottle will easily breed bacteria after a long time, and they can no longer be used. Everyone lists several cleaning methods.
First, rice rinse
First put about a quarter of the water in the bottle, then put a dozen grains of rice on it, shake the cap with the cap and shake it vigorously for two or three minutes. You can also shake the bottle upside down, so that the bottle will rinse more fully . Finally, pour the water out of the bottle, and then rinse it with clean water a few times. This method is the most simple and convenient. If there is too much residue in the bottle, you can repeat it several times.
Second, the broken egg shell
The remaining egg shells of edible eggs can also be used. Crush the egg shells and put them in a bottle, then add boiling water. It must be boiling water. Just boil the water a few times. This method also works well.
Third, wash with vinegar
Everyone vinegar also has a good cleaning effect, the same is true for the vacuum bottle, add the appropriate amount of vinegar to the bottle and shake it, after a few times, then wash it with clean water. It should be noted here that too much vinegar is used, and the flavor of the residual vinegar in the bottle will be heavier.
The above three methods for cleaning vacuum bottles are relatively easy to operate, and are also very practical in daily life