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Talking about the types of cosmetic bottle design

Update: 16-03-2021

Many female customers are more aware of cosmetic contai […]

Many female customers are more aware of cosmetic container design schemes. There are many cosmetic bottle design schemes, whether it is initial production or upgrade, all are to better reflect the use value of skin care products themselves, and how to make it more convenient for customers to apply. So, what are the types of cosmetic bottle design schemes? Namei thinks that we can consider the materials and utensils of cosmetic bottles.
Related cosmetic bottle design types include glass jars, top-tube construction bottles, plastic bottles, essential oil bottles, cream bottles, moisturizing lotion bottles and other skin care products glass bottles. The cosmetic bottle design scheme is generally a production process based on scheme design, demoulding, sample, production and processing, frosting, polishing, spraying, high and low temperature single color and mixed color printing technology. It is more common in cosmetic bottle design solutions. The container has a slightly thicker whipped cream bottle, bottle cap, sealing ring, water pump, injection molded dust cover, two-step molded PET bottle, injection molded finishing tube and blown bottle. package.
Today, when online shopping is popular, plastic cosmetic bottles are selected by many manufacturers because of their lightness and not easy to break. Whether it is PET, PP, PE, PS and other raw materials, cosmetic bottles can be printed according to consumer requirements. Ink, coloring or frosting, some of these raw materials can also be electroplated and hot stamped. According to this method, the product packaging design plan can be improved to make the appearance look high-end and atmospheric. In terms of the design of cosmetic bottles for skin care products, the requirements for glass bottles are also very high. If you choose a plastic bottle when designing a cosmetic bottle type scheme, you must put more professional skills in grasping the plastic bottle.

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