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Return to the boot page More and more high-end cosmetics costs are invested in cosmetic containers

Update: 04-08-2020

In recent years, the cosmetics market has achieved stro […]

In recent years, the cosmetics market has achieved strong growth, especially the organic cosmetics market. With people's emphasis on health, chemical-based cosmetics are even more repellent.

As a fashionable consumer product, cosmetics require high-quality packaging materials to increase its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic container packaging, and glass, plastic, and metal are the main cosmetic container materials currently used, and paper boxes are often used as outer packaging of cosmetics. The continuous development of new materials and new processing technologies, and the pursuit of new shapes have always been the focus of the industry for the development of cosmetic containers. There are many kinds of materials for making cosmetic containers, such as various types of plastics, glass, metals, etc., among which plastics are mostly used. The application range of materials is not limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles. The application of new materials has also become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products.

Glass can reduce carbon emissions. It is not only an environmentally friendly container, but also the contents of the container can not deteriorate or deform, impermeable and opaque. It is a perfect material container that does not react to any ingredients. With high performance As cosmetics continue to increase, the demand for glass containers will increase. Since last year, foreign demand for glass bottles has continued to increase, and high-end cosmetics brands are also using glass containers.

As a cosmetics packaging company, in response to this market trend, it should make timely adjustments based on changes in the downstream market. As organic cosmetics have stricter packaging requirements, if cosmetic packaging container companies can develop products with strong protection for the quality of organic cosmetics, they will win the first opportunity in this round of market competition and occupy a voice in the cosmetic packaging market. For small and medium-sized cosmetic bottle companies, imitation and processing can only maintain a low growth rate. Need to make breakthroughs based on greater market input.


Therefore, in the production of modern cosmetics, the packaging investment of many high-end cosmetics is as high as 70% of the entire product cost. In the cosmetics market, the birth of new brands must establish their market position through appropriate product packaging. Appropriate packaging not only directly stimulates consumers' senses, but also reflects the brand's taste to the fullest. Packaging at this time has developed from static storage in ancient times to modern circulation media, which has far exceeded the value of packaging itself for commodities.

In modern society, the continuous emergence of new packaging materials and technologies provides abundant resources for diversified cosmetic packaging. Glass, plastic, and metal are currently the main cosmetic packaging materials used. Glass has become the main material of high-end cosmetics due to its special luminous effect and satisfactory weight, permeating a natural sense of exquisiteness. It is generally used for high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfumes. Glass bottles are packaged.