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Make-up packaging plays a carrier protection and decoration role for cosmetics

Update: 01-11-2019

Cosmetics are applied by smearing, spraying or other si […]

Cosmetics are applied by smearing, spraying or other similar methods, acting on the skin, hair, lips and teeth of the human body to achieve the effect of landscaping and maintaining good condition. The make-up packaging is the carrier of color cosmetics, which plays a role of protection and decoration, convenient circulation, and easy to carry.
At present, the makeup package mainly includes aluminum eyelash tube, eye shadow box, blush box, lip gloss tube, powder box and many other forms of expression. Due to the rich and varied colors, the makeup box design is retractable and foldable, convenient to carry and convenient to use. The decorative effect of the make-up package will be through the shape design and color application.
Through its unique fashion vision, exquisite totem design and geometric shape, the make-up makeup fully interprets its fashion status. As an important carrier of make-up, it leads the new trend and presents the important role that cosmetics play in this era.