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Is the transparency of plastic cosmetic containers not as transparent as glass?

Update: 16-09-2020

The huge cosmetics market has matured day by day, but c […]

The huge cosmetics market has matured day by day, but can all the cosmetics on the market meet the needs of all consumers? the answer is negative. The future cosmetics market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and people.
For different groups of people, cosmetics have begun to be subdivided gradually, including men's cosmetics, women's cosmetics, children's cosmetics and elderly cosmetics. Different consumer groups have different market needs and consumption characteristics. Cosmetic bottles should also be designed in a targeted manner according to market segmentation. Men's cosmetic bottles are mostly masculine, individual and easy to use. Women's cosmetic bottles are mostly warm, romantic and feminine. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. Cosmetic bottles for the elderly should be embodied in humanized design and ease of use. We once said that cosmetic bottles are a "weapon" for cosmetics companies to promote their products. In the segmented cosmetics market, designing cosmetic bottles that meet the needs of different similar cosmetics markets also reflects a company's market promotion skills.
The plastic is light and cheap, easy to form large-scale production, and can be made into bottles of various sizes, transparent, opaque and various colors, and has good printing performance. It can be used for thermal transfer, inkjet, and printing. The instructions, logos, and bar codes are directly printed on the surface of the container. Moreover, the molding performance is good, and it can be manufactured into cosmetic containers such as bottles, cans, boxes, etc. of various structures and shapes. Cosmetic capsule is a typical example of its strong plasticity. Capsules have a variety of shapes, such as spherical, olive, heart, crescent, etc.; their colors are diverse, ranging from crystal clear to colorful pearls, and the appearance is very attractive. These packages have given consumers a safer and more convenient way of consumption.


The shortcoming of plastic cosmetic containers is that the transparency is not as good as glass, but the current polyethylene stretch blow molding technology overcomes the shortcomings of low transparency of polyolefin blow molded bottles, and its crystal clear characteristics are almost equal to glass bottles. In the past few years, the packaging industry has been committed to developing a product that can effectively protect the quality of skin care and meet the needs of luxurious and novel appearance. The emergence of multi-layer plasticizing technology can simultaneously meet the above two requirements. It enables multiple layers of different types of plastics to be combined together and molded out at one time. With the multi-layer plasticizing technology, the cosmetic container packaging isolates the substances that oxidize skin care products such as light and air. On the other hand, by kneading different kinds of substances, they can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel in appearance. Multi-layer molding technology also improves the flexibility of the hose. The popular packaging of skin care lotion is tube and glass bottle. Hoses were only medium and low-grade packaging 15 years ago, and now even famous brands have begun to use them. The hose is economical and convenient to produce, easy to carry, and suitable for containing emulsions and colloids.