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What is the effect of travel bottling

Update:21 Jun

In addition to the above-mentioned commonly used cosmetic plastic container materials, there are AS or ABS transparent glue, PMMA acrylic and so on. Plastic containers account for a large proportion of cosmetic packaging, as high as 75%. The main reason is that in addition to the plasticity of the material and convenient filling, transportation, density, printing, and recycling are also the main factors considering the mass use of plastic containers. However, the shortcomings of plastic containers are also obvious. Poor light resistance, low heat resistance, and poor melting resistance are all fatal shortcomings of plastic containers, mainly because they cannot perform the necessary high-temperature steam sterilization and light sterilization processes. Its poor melting resistance is even more a shortcoming of some cosmetics. Some corrosive cosmetics will also directly chemically react with plastic containers, such as acidic, oily, and easily oxidized products, which are very harmful to humans. Essential oils, make-up removers, water oils, perfumes, etc. Therefore, it is better to choose pure white or transparent cosmetics for plastic containers. Reason four is easy to observe the properties of cosmetics and to avoid pollution caused by the dissolution of fuel in the bottle.

What are the effects of travel bottling? The reason why it is called travel sub-bottling is that it can be used to sub-package large bottles of lotion, such as shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, etc., in order to be able to use what you often use during travel. This is not only good for the skin, but also easy to carry.

Travel sub-bottles are used to distribute large bottles of shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics and other lotions, so that you can use safe toiletries during travel. Because shampoos, shower gels, and skin care products are in close contact with the human body, health is very important. First of all, we need to see whether the materials of the cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers are healthy, environmentally friendly, and whether they have passed some authoritative certifications, such as FDA certification, BPA FREE certification, and LFGB certification. Healthy and environmentally friendly bottling can make us feel more at ease when using it. The common material for travel sub-bottling is food-grade silica gel, which is called silica gel sub-bottling.

Friends who travel a lot, they are certainly not particularly satisfied with what they use in hotels and hotels, but if they buy it by themselves, they are usually large bottles, and they are not used late during the trip, which causes waste. Although the sub-packing bottle is good, if there are no precautions when using it, the sub-packed lotion should not bring any benefits by itself. What problems should be paid attention to when using travel sub-bottling? Such as disinfection treatment. The lotion that is packed in bottles is in contact with human skin, so it is guaranteed that the lotion is safe and not contaminated. This requires the bottle itself to be safe and free of germs. Therefore, disinfection is very important. There are many disinfection methods, but the material of the bottle itself needs to be considered. How to use travel bottling?

When bottling with travel, in addition to disinfection, it is also necessary to grasp the amount of dispense lotion. Choosing the right bottle for packaging should also be combined with the travel time and how much you need to separate. Fortunately, according to the number of travel days, you can roughly control the amount that needs to be added in the bottle. It is not only a waste, but also not very desirable to fill a bottle full of it back for a long time, and wait for it to be used next time. Because the lotion is divided into bottles and bottles, pay attention to it even after disinfection.

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