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The Benefits of Airless Bottle Packaging

Update:22 Sep
With a focus on hygiene and product preservation, airless bottle packaging is the way to go. This type of packaging has no back-door openings and is therefore ideal for products that need to remain fresh and unspoiled for extended periods of time. Its high-end appearance, rigid dosage, and smooth, clean surfaces also ensure the integrity of contents.

The most common design of airless bottle is a cylinder-shaped bottle. This design features a chamber for the product inside and a piston that glides up as a pump. This design keeps air from entering the bottle because air breeds bacteria. The piston pushes up to keep the air out and prevents the product from degrading.

The use of airless bottles extends the shelf life of cosmetic products by as much as 15%. This technology is ideal for skincare and tanning formulations that should not be exposed to air. These bottles also allow for easy application of the products without the need for a dip tube. In addition to extending shelf life, airless bottles also shield unused products from air and minimize the risk of oxidation.

The airless packaging process can be costly. The technology is complicated and includes multiple parts, including plastic pouches that are enclosed inside the bottle. Typically, it is used for products that contain expensive active ingredients or plant extracts or antioxidants.