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The Allure of Perfume Packaging

Update:21 Jun

Undeniably, the most important part of a bottle of perfume is the fragrance inside. However, there are many who are attracted to the creative and beautiful bottles and containers that hold the scent as well. You can purchase perfume in all different shapes and sizes. There are choices with the types of bottles as well if you prefer a perfume sprayer pump, atomizer, or toilette for application. The bottles themselves can be made from any number of materials from plastic to glass.

If you are planning to use the perfume, and not just collecting for the packaging, then the type of application you use is important. Sprayers and atomizers are great for applying quickly but if you are not careful, you can douse yourself in the scent. This can become a pretty unappealing problem. However, for those who have sensitive skin, the sprayers are great because you can spray and walk into the mist. This has the perfume landing an individual's clothing as opposed to direct contact on the skin. Sprayers also work well with more subtle scents as a little bit more than usual will not be all that harmful. Toilette bottles are more strong scents that you can dab on various pressure points for affect. A little bit goes a long way with this type of application.

For those who like to collect or display their perfume bottles, there are so many options for gorgeous packaging. Hand blown glass, porcelain, and silver bottles are all available. Each of these containers is like a work of art. There is quite a market for vintage perfume bottles as well since collectors trade and sell back and forth. The most precious bottles are very old and very rare. Some even contain adornments like jewelry and can make a great display on a vanity table or other showcase areas.

Perfume packaging can be a great marketing tool if done correctly. Granted, not all packaging can be made of fine materials and handmade designs, as the cost of the perfume would exceed what the public could pay for. However, there are plenty of great graphic designers working everyday to come up with eye catching packaging that will appeal to shoppers. Even those on a budget do not have to settle for boring bottles. This type of marketing is essential for perfume designers when they are trying to get new consumers interested in their fragrances. The options for buyers are endless.