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Cosmetic packaging design focuses on reflecting temperament, taste and personality

Update:08 Jul
Cosmetics are fashion products that can reflect the aesthetic perception of people. Cosmetic packaging design focuses on reflecting mood, taste and personality. However, the temperaments and tastes of people are closely related to different countries and different and very rich cultural traditions.

The shapes and colors of cosmetics for young women tend to be bright, lively, innocent and romantic; The shape and color of cosmetics for middle-aged women, as a rule, are harmonious, calm and elegant; Children's cosmetics, as a rule, are bright and glossy. Feeling spoiled; Men's makeup should be spacious and modest, men should use abstract color blocks and dark lines to emphasize masculinity.

Cosmetic design should include the design direction and goals of a particular product brand among many factors such as "beautiful, creative, competitive in general, rational and scientific", and have a personality different from other brands' products. With all this, designers need to look at design from a common area, try to stand out among the same type of goods and have their own consumer market.

Classic round 15ml airless bottle skincare packaging YH-L004

Model:     YH-L004
Volume:     15ml
Material:     Cap AS or ABS; Collar ABS; Bottle AS or PETG; Actuator PP
Usage:     For skincare packaging, for example for lotion,serum,essence,foundation etc
Terms of payment and delivery:     FOB Shanghai/Ningbo port
Minimum order quantity:     5000pcs
Price:     Consultation
Packing details:     packed by two parts:pump&cap/bottle,by foam sheet, export carton. Pallet available