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Airless bottle packaging protect and distribute your products

Update:05 Nov
Airless bottle packaging is a great way to protect and distribute your products. You can customize these bottles to fit your needs, and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are also a variety of decoration options available on the outside surfaces. From hot stamping and silk screening to offset printing, you can create a look that suits your brand.

Plastics are also an excellent option for airless packaging, as they are inert to most chemicals and solvents. In addition, the formulation inside a PP airless bottle will remain unadulterated. These factors will likely support the growth of this segment over the next few years, thanks to increasing demand for travel-friendly and convenient packaging.

Airless bottles are also convenient because they eliminate the need for a pump. This convenience and environmental friendliness are two of the many reasons that more brands are opting for this form of packaging. This packaging solution protects skincare products from air exposure, and it also allows brands to create more sustainable products.

As more consumers turn towards natural and organic skincare, airless packaging can help companies preserve their products' freshness and quality. These bottles are also ideal for preventing product waste. This type of packaging allows manufacturers to avoid using preservatives and can extend the shelf life of products by up to 15%.