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How to recycle plastic bottles

Update: 01-07-2020

In the past, because of the high oil price, a large num […]

In the past, because of the high oil price, a large number of recycled plastic bottles became the raw materials of various products, which was greatly welcomed by the market. Once the resources of waste plastic bottles were in short supply. Under such circumstances, the relevant departments have not established other channels for the reuse of plastic bottles. Now, the sudden emergence of the problem makes us very unprepared, but we must solve it as soon as possible, otherwise the problems caused by the large amount of waste plastic bottles generated every day will increase, affecting other fields.

At present, there are some ways to reuse plastic bottles, such as making them into exquisite handicrafts. As long as cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers dig, there are still ways to deal with them.


Recycling plastic bottles is just to regenerate plastic particles and process alternative products. Plastic bottles do not simply have polyethylene (PPC), they also have shrink plastic (PE) components, polypropylene, etc., they will be processed according to the composition of the material during production Melt and process the particles into different ingredients, and then buy them according to the needs of each household. Most of the regenerated particles are made into washbasins, and the things on the machine can be made into poor garbage bags.

In fact, the recycling of waste plastic bottles is very versatile. It is not only possible to become new plastic packaging, but also into many other items that need to be used in daily life. Bottle caps can be granulated, and various plastic products can be manufactured in industry; and chemical fiber companies recycle plastic bottles, which can be turned into soft but elastic fibers after multiple processes, and then manufacture strong traction belts and fillers. Wait, a cosmetics bottle manufacturer in Cixi can use this fiber to make bulletproof vests. Other companies can use recycled fibers to weave carpets.

Waste plastic bottles only need to go through 4 processes, processing 30 minutes, you can use plastic waste and sawdust to produce wood-plastic composite materials. This composite material not only does not contain formaldehyde, but also has new functions such as environmental protection, low price, and 100% reusability. At present, the wood-plastic composite material has been widely used in the construction industry formwork, road guardrails, industrial trays, packaging boxes, agricultural greenhouses and other fields, effectively recycling part of the plastic waste. The person in charge of Yixin Resources Technology Co., Ltd. said that the company has multiple profile production lines with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of new wood-plastic composite materials. Not only can it effectively solve the new way of white pollution and the full utilization of agricultural plant fibers, but also can explore a direct and economical new way for the development of regional economy, circular economy and white pollution control.