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How to effectively recycle cosmetic bottle packaging

Update: 13-04-2021

We all know that in order to cope with market competiti […]

We all know that in order to cope with market competition, many cosmetic manufacturers have made a lot of efforts in the differentiation of cosmetic bottle packaging. The appearance of cosmetic bottle materials is becoming more and more gorgeous, and the cost investment is also getting higher and higher. However, in contrast to the emphasis on new cosmetic bottles, the recycling rate of waste cosmetic bottles is low and they are not environmentally friendly.
For the treatment of waste cosmetic bottles, the market has not yet formed a good solution. The author believes that there are several channel options worth considering. First, the recycling of cosmetics manufacturers. At present, cosmetic manufacturers on the market do not pay attention to the post-treatment of cosmetic bottles, and restrict cosmetic manufacturers to increase the recycling rate of cosmetic bottles of their own brand products through relevant regulations, which can quickly speed up the recycling of waste cosmetic bottles. Secondly, the multi-purpose development of discarded cosmetics, such as making handicrafts, etc., in order to increase the utilization channels of discarded cosmetics bottles and strengthen the market demand for discarded cosmetics bottles. Finally, cosmetic bottles are exquisite in appearance, and some are in limited collections. These cosmetic bottles have the possibility of collection. It is also a direction worth trying to encourage market lovers to collect some cosmetic bottles. In short, the recycling of cosmetic bottles needs more solutions to deal with, otherwise a large number of high-cost and beautifully made cosmetic bottles are discarded, which is a huge waste of resources.
The recycling rate of cosmetic bottle packaging is very low. A lot of high-cost production costs are often discarded and become one of the sources of pollution. In recent years, although the awareness of garbage sorting has gradually spread, the complex materials of cosmetic bottles have brought a lot of confusion to ordinary consumers when they are sorted and recycled. It is very much in need of improvement to improve the recycling of cosmetic bottles. The author thinks that there are two directions worth trying.
One direction is to formulate certain rules on the packaging material and production appearance of cosmetic bottles, so that the packaging of cosmetic bottles is simplified, easy for consumers to identify, easy for recycling, and easy for processing and reuse after recycling. Therefore, the simplification of cosmetic bottle packaging materials is beneficial. The other direction, of course, is for cosmetics manufacturers to establish complete recycling channels. The cosmetic bottles currently on the market are not only exquisite in appearance, but are often made of sturdy materials, which can be completely recycled for many times.
In short, cosmetic bottle packaging resources are a huge market resource. If effective recycling and reuse can be achieved, it is a huge resource utilization.