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How to choose a plastic bottle

Update: 19-01-2020

Since the "plasticizer incident" was exposed, it has sp […]

Since the "plasticizer incident" was exposed, it has spread more and more, and everyone has been at risk for a while. Consumers can find out carefully that many large and small supermarkets have removed Taiwan's beverages from the whole line, and citizens can no longer buy them, but this does not mean that they are safe. Plasticizers are widely used in the plastic products industry. If they are used carelessly, they may be accidentally injured.
PVC film should not contact oily food
Seen in a supermarket, a warm reminder is very eye-catching: PVC cling film cannot contact food with fat; only PE cling film can be used for packaging meat and cooked food, because PE cling film does not contain plasticizer. What this means is that PVC cling film contains plasticizer. As a chemical raw material, plasticizer is widely used in children's toys and food packaging materials. For example, food packaging materials, when used correctly, plasticizers are generally not released, but if used incorrectly, such as at high temperatures, problems may occur. The reporter learned that someone had done such an experiment, bought some plastic lunch boxes and ultra-thin plastic bags on the market, and tested whether the plasticizer would be released at the average temperature of food held by citizens at 60 ° C. After experimental testing, trace amounts of plasticizers were detected in the aqueous solution of the two plastic products when the water temperature was 60 ° C.
Beverage bottles are harmful to the human body above 70 ℃
Most edible oil barrels and beverage bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET for short). PET has a characteristic that it is heat-resistant to 70 ° C. It is easily deformed when it is filled with high-temperature liquids or heated, and it will melt out harmful substances. And scientists have found that after 10 months of use, PET bottles can release carcinogen plasticizers, which are toxic to testes.
How can I know what plastic is used for food packaging and how to use it properly? A supermarket official told reporters that it is very simple. There is a triangle with an arrow at the bottom of the plastic bottle. There are numbers in the triangle. If it is "1", it is proved that it is made of PET. If it is "2", it means that it is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The reporter visited the supermarket and found that the bottom of most bottles of cleaning products such as shampoo and shower gel are marked with "2". In addition, "2" is also used to produce food plastic bags, which can only withstand 110 ° C, it is best not to directly heat, otherwise harmful substances will be generated.