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How cosmetic packaging materials respond to the development trend of high-end cosmetics market

Update: 28-12-2019

Personalized packaging will enhance the product's influ […]

Personalized packaging will enhance the product's influence on customers. Novel packaging can also add brilliance and attractiveness to a very ordinary product. Among the high-end cosmetics in cosmetics, the individualized and fashionable design performance is particularly outstanding. They are not just a cosmetic, but more like a fashion product, a work of art, and its packaging is the carrier to convey this message. It is not difficult to find that the packaging shape and structure of the new generation of cosmetics are more and more anti-traditional, the design is unique and full of personality, and the packaging container structure and shape design are diversified, gradually out of the old stereotype.
Packaging is not only a container for goods, but also a way to influence costs and guide costs. Today's packaging depiction is not only to promote its physical function, that is, the function of maintaining the product, but also to promote its mental function, that is, to cause the consumer to pay attention, and to open up to the aesthetic level to delight the consumer. As far as the cosmetics mall was concerned, its primary cost was mainly women. Therefore, it is of great significance to fully understand the mental characteristics of women consumers, package and depict their spending mentality, and the sales volume of moving goods.
Nowadays, whether it is brand cosmetics or some low-end cosmetics, there are a lot of problems on its packaging. For example, the cosmetic packaging has too much porosity, and the real product portion is very small. First of all, we must reject the appearance that looks full and full. In fact, the kind of packaging with a small amount of products, such as cream bottles. Many cream bottles are made of plastic or acrylic and glass. When the material is packaged, the outer layer is made very thick, and then a layer of colored plastic is added inside. The real cosmetics are Installed in the inner wall of this layer, then it looks very beautiful from the outside, and it seems to have a lot of weight.
People's living standards are gradually improving, high-end cosmetics are no longer the patent of the rich, and many consumers are choosing with the attitude of absent-mindedness. The demand for high-end cosmetics is increasing, and the grades of cosmetics packaging have followed. It is gradually improving. If you want to enter the high-end cosmetics market, you may start with high-end materials, drive the front line with a little, and occupy the most important part of the high-end market, in order to respond to catch up with the trend and not be eliminated.