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Do you konw Glass cosmetic packaging bottle production?

Update:15 Oct
In the glass bottle production process, especially the glass packaging industry digested a large amount of glass for the society, greatly reducing the garbage generated in life, and making a contribution to the society. It can be seen that this industry is also a green industry that is reused and should be encouraged and supported in terms of environmental protection and taxation. The cosmetic glass bottle melts the world’s hard silica minerals into a molten state at a high temperature, and then forms it into a solid product. The particularity of its energy consumption method is different from the value produced by high value-added metal smelting, and it is also different from other non-metallic solids. The products are different, and the energy consumption methods and output are not comparable among these products. It is unscientific in society to compare the energy input and output ratios of these products.
Glass bottle design is a comprehensive technology. A glass bottle packaging design master needs to have a variety of skills and literacy, such as professional skills CAD3DMAX drawing, mold production, glass bottle production, material technology, aesthetics knowledge, marketing and sales, etc., cosmetic bottles Flame light, the use of flame to soften and bake the surface of the glass container, fire impact, the glass bottle can remove some of the diagonal and wrinkle on the surface of the glass container, many hollow glass containers will be flame polished after cutting the mouth, but this The treatment method will reduce the flatness of the glass surface, and the applicable glass materials are mostly soda lime glass and high borosilicate glass.
In the glass bottle production process, there are several processes for polishing the glass bottle. The glass bottle uses physical or chemical methods. One is multilayer composite, mainly PET, and other materials with good tightness such as PEN are added to make three. Layer or 5-layer bottles; the second is to use special treatment methods, such as coating the inner or outer layer of the PET bottle with an epoxy barrier layer, or plasma treatment; the third is to mold with other barrier resins, using PEN or PEN and PET Copolymerization or blends are used as raw materials, which not only improves the anionicity of the bottle, but also improves the heat resistance of the bottle. It can also be washed with alkali and reused, thereby reducing the cost, because the first two methods have poor transparency and recycling. Frustration, complex process, special equipment requirements, etc. Although the air tightness is improved, the heat resistance is poor, and it can only be adapted to aseptic filling occasions.