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Do you feel the same way about the confusion of cosmetic box customization?

Update:25 Aug
Cosmetics, as a fashionable consumer goods, need high-quality packaging materials, exquisite printing, and green and environmentally friendly packaging materials in order to have good visual aesthetics. Different specifications can be made, usually with a hand bag, blister/sponge/paper holder, and silk. The processes and appearance effects that can be done in color printing include surface polishing or gloss glue, matte glue, laser film, bronzing silver and bump effect, beer, stick box forming or bonding PVC film (also known as window) and thermal , colorful onion craftsmanship, uv effect, etc., to attract consumers through packaging with visual impact.
Product upgrades and iterations need to replace the packaging, new products need to be customized packaging, the original packaging is too ordinary, and I feel dissatisfied. It has no better performance than its peers and loses a large market.
Today, with the proliferation of commodities and serious homogeneity, it is difficult to distinguish the product itself by itself, and the brand-name effect of advertising bombing is no longer there. In the era of "face value", the practicality of products is only the starting point of competition, and consumers are more willing to Pay for good design and good packaging.
People rely on clothes, Buddhas rely on gold clothes, good products need packaging, and packaging is actually a brand advertisement. A good packaging design and concept can obtain consumers' aesthetic recognition, emotional recognition and brand recognition.
The key to the success of product packaging lies in the development and management of the whole process. We know that what you want is not just a packaging, but a machine to help you make money!

Selected materials are safe and environmentally friendly
High-quality Dutch board / MDF / plastic blanks are used as plates, coated paper / gold and silver cards / special papers are used as fabrics, and water-based inks and environmentally friendly glues are used, which are basically non-toxic and odorless. The interior and surface of the product are shiny and bright, so that the quality of the product is guaranteed, and it will not fade/open/deform.
Special craftsmanship high-end atmosphere
Use the changes of the surface texture of different materials or the shape of the surface texture, and properly combine and configure to achieve the best visual effect of wholesale airless bottles packaging Suppliers commodity packaging. Printing all kinds of shading / hot laser / embossed deep embossing / UV varnish, etc., not only the color is bright and thick, but also can do various craft effects such as frosted wrinkle oil / pearl powder / matt light.
Exquisite workmanship quality assurance
Standardized machine production and refined manual production are perfectly combined, product details are more guaranteed, and packaging boxes with unique shapes and complex decorations must be hand-pasted to make them final. Accurate cutting without burrs around the carton, meticulous treatment of the edges and corners, and exquisite workmanship of the exquisite edging make the product more attractive.
The goods must be matched, the quality is guaranteed, and the quality is satisfactory!
Using high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials and multi-channel characteristic production processes, the original industry destructive safety testing standards, the whole-process quality control of all-staff quality management, the refinement of each step of high quality, and the shipment in strict accordance with the ISO quality management system production process. Sample confirmation and signing, raw material incoming inspection, pre-production first-piece confirmation, production process inspection, full inspection after production, random sampling inspection in storage, details must be checked at every level.