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Cosmetic containers and cosmetic packaging contribute to cosmetics sales share

Update: 15-07-2020

Cosmetic packaging, especially female cosmetics, has a […]

Cosmetic packaging, especially female cosmetics, has a wide variety. As the competition in the cosmetics market becomes more and more fierce, various cosmetics merchants have tried their best to expand the sales share of their products, and have worked hard on the packaging and promotion of cosmetics.
The functions and functions of cosmetics are becoming more and more refined, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions. The difference in grades is very obvious, and the packaging form is dazzling. At the same time, in order to better promote their products, various businesses have conducted cosmetics Different and suitable for their own classification and packaging.
Skin care products, like fresh food, are rich in nutrients. To maintain the stability and better results of skin care products, skin care product packaging plays a vital role. Because many active ingredients, whether they are cell communication factors, antioxidant factors, or plant extracts, will deteriorate when exposed to air, causing these beneficial ingredients to the skin to reduce or disappear.


 The packaging of skin care products currently on the market can prevent bacteria and air from entering the interior before opening. However, once opened, the contents will continue to contact the outside air and bacteria, and the active ingredients will be contaminated and oxidized, resulting in less effective skincare products. In order to make skin care products simple and hygienic to use, to maintain the effectiveness and freshness of skin care products, to prevent secondary pollution and discounted efficacy.
The diversification of cosmetic container specifications to meet different consumption levels. As the competition in the cosmetics market has intensified, various manufacturers have also invested more and more in cosmetic packaging. For low-end cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of cosmetic containers is diversified to facilitate consumer choice; for high-end products, small-capacity packaging is adopted to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet young girls Consumer psychology due to curiosity.