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Common cosmetic packaging design materials

Update:22 Oct
Common cosmetic packaging design materials

What materials are good for cosmetic packaging design? When buying makeup products, many people not only pay attention to the quality of the cosmetics, but also the aesthetics of the packaging design.
What material is good for cosmetic packaging design
1. Plastic
At present, the plastics used in cosmetic packaging design mainly include: PET, PE, PVC, PP, etc. Among them, PET was mainly used for water and beverage packaging at first, but due to its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability, and barrier It has high sex characteristics and has been widely used in the packaging of creams, lotions, lotions, etc. in recent years.
As a packaging material, glass has many valuable properties, such as transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, and excellent barrier properties. It can be made into packaging containers of various shapes and sizes by a variety of molding methods, and is mainly used in various Perfume and some high-end cosmetics cater to female consumers with their crystal clear beauty.
3. Metal
Metal has good barrier properties, especially aluminum has a very strong barrier to water and oxygen, which can play a good role in protecting the contents. It is mainly used in some essential oil-added skin care products, moisturizing spray metal cans, and On the packaging box of some make-up